Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I add my own scent?

Certainly! Opt for one of our Scent Free products and introduce a few drops of your preferred essential oil or candle fragrance oil near the wick BEFORE igniting it.

Please exercise caution and adhere to your own comfort level, bearing in mind that oils are highly flammable and should never be added to a lit candle. Experiment cautiously with various oils, as some may yield better results than others. Keep in mind that any modifications, including colors and scents, are the user's responsibility.

Do you have to use a new wick each time?

No, you don't have to. You can relight the same wick multiple times, burning it for as long as it lasts, which is approximately 12 hours. Additionally, with every Candle Gems purchase, we provide you with plenty of wicks, allowing you to refresh your candle whenever you desire and give it a new appearance.

If you prefer, you can also cut the wick and reuse the unused portion or flip the wick to cover the melt pool, minimizing waste while maintaining a fresh look for your candle. It's important to note that cutting the wick will shorten the overall burn time.

Why does my wick keep extinguishing quickly?

The primary reason for a shortened burn time is often related to the wick's positioning. If the tip of the wick is left too far out of the Candle Gems, it may not burn for the full 12 hours. When inserting the wick, ensure that only about a 5mm tip is exposed, enough to light it. Leaving the wick sticking out further than necessary can result in a quicker extinguishing of the flame and a shorter burn time.

Is it possible to use Candle Gems for floating candles?

Absolutely, you can use all our white Candle Gems for floating candles. However, please note that our colored products are not suitable for this purpose. For a floating effect, we suggest pouring at least a 50mm height of white Gems on top of water, ensuring that the bottom of the wick doesn't touch the water. Simply place your desired decorations into a vase, fill it with water until the decorations are submerged, and then pour Candle Gems on top for a unique and visually appealing floating candle experience.

Is it possible to reuse Candle Gems after using them as floating candles?

Yes! After using Candle Gems for floating candles, you can easily reuse them. Simply scoop them out using a spoon or catch them with a fine-meshed strainer. Allow the Gems to air dry on paper towels before reusing them. Spreading them out during the drying process will speed up the drying time. This way, you can enjoy the Candle Gems for multiple occasions.

How can I extinguish Candle Gems?

You have options! You can dip the wick with a wick dipper, use a flame snuffer, or simply blow it out gently. No worries, the Gems won't fly everywhere if you blow out the flame carefully.

What kind of container can I use?

It's recommended to use fireproof containers, but it's also possible to safely use other containers as long as they are large enough. The key is to prevent the melt pool from reaching the edge of the container and to ensure the container doesn't heat up during burning. Generally, a minimum container width of 55mm at the narrowest part is advised, but it's crucial to test it carefully to ensure it doesn't heat up while burning.

Additionally, make sure there's at least 55mm of Gems around each wick (use only one wick in a 100mm wide container!), and maintain a minimum distance of 25mm between the bottom of the wick and the container bottom.